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It was our first time at the hotel, but its enough to see that you can feel like home here. Good staff, and the food is delicious. We will certainly come here again.

Inna, Germany.
March 9, 2010 11:46:29

Hello, The hotel is good but it has its downsides. I come to Kovel on business and stay here quite often. Unfortunately, Internet connection is not provided here which would allow me to work on the computer in my room, get in touch with my colleagues from other countries.

Sincerely yours, Grygory. Germany


Dear Grygory,
Thank you very much for your attention to our hotel.
We are happy to inform you that Wifi equipment has already been installed and hopefully, this service will be available for our customers very soon.

Sincerely yours, Administration of Shelter Club Hotel&Spa

I spent at the hotel less than a day but impressions will probably last for all my life.  I didnt expect to find myself in a PARADISE in miniature. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, every smallest detail has been taken into account, and the most important thing is the PERSONNEL, they are really efficient and love their job. MANY THANKS! KEEP IT UP!

Respectfully, Alexander Kosinsky
Director of Safety Atlas LLC